How to get rich in the next ten years

THERE’S great Warren Buffett quote: “I buy (shares) on the assumption that they could close the market and not reopen it for five years”.

It’s good advice, evidenced by Vanguard’s 30-year index chart, released earlier this month. The chart tracks the growth over a 30-year time frame of a $10,000 investment. So had you invested $10,000 30 years ago and reinvested all income, you could now have:

$268,733 if invested in Australian shares;
$190,702 if invested in US shares;
$168,900 if invested in listed property;
$105,786 if invested in cash.
While the chart demonstrates the value of long-term investing, it also shows the value of following a broad trend rather than focusing specifically on any one fad.

What do I mean? Well the Australian shares result above is calculated on the S &P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation index. This index represents the 500 largest companies listed on the ASX – but over the past 30 years the top five hundred companies have changed. Some examples are the float of the Commonwealth Bank, of Woolworths, of Telstra and the various airlines.

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Content is King and Time is Your Queen

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In your business, you must focus on two things: content and time. They are both equally important and inextricably intertwined.

Great content will never go out of style. Seriously, there’s a reason why they call the payments to actors, producers, writers, and other artists “royalties”. Create enough great content and you can live like a king, too.

While you may not be in the business of creating pure entertainment, your e-commerce store should still be glittering with your amazing content. If it isn’t, get to work right away! Your product descriptions, images, and videos (yes, you should be making videos) should all be your original content.

Creating your own content provides benefits to both search engines and your audience.

Search engines are becoming smarter every day. Don’t think for a second that Google isn’t working on technology to decipher the content and meaning of images. If you’re using the same…

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Superannuation assets rise 15.5% to $1.62 trillion

Australian Advisory Service

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) last week released its June quarter superannuation statistics. For the 12 months ending 30 June 2013 APRA estimates that total superannuation assets rose by $217.2 billion or 15.5% to $1.62 trillion.

In terms of allocations, APRA estimated that at 30 June public sector funds held $356.8 billion, industry funds $323.2 billion, corporate funds $61.7 billion and retail funds $422.4 billion.

For investors in listed fund managers such as AMP (ASX: AMP) or Perpetual (ASX: PPT), APRA’s latest statistics provide a mixed message. On the one hand there appears to be a trend towards industry funds with the estimated growth in industry fund assets at 3.8% far outstripping the growth in retail funs assets of just 1.8%. A shift to industry funds is not great news for external fund managers as many industry funds are increasingly recruiting and building their own in-house investment management teams…

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Australia’s most clicked on suburbs

THE suburbs potential buyers are honing in on most have been revealed.

Australia’s largest property site has named its top ten suburbs with home hunters for the past quarter.

For the second quarter in a row, South Australia has been named the most popular state for potential buyers, with Victoria close behind. receives about 20 million visits every month, providing statistical insight into which suburbs people are wanting to buy and rent in.

Leafy Victorian suburb Surrey Hills has gained popularity, moving from seventh position to second on the national list, over the last three months.

There are six newcomers -Walkerville, Aldgate, Fitzroy North, Oyster Bay, Wantirna and Bondi, with the South Australian suburb of Walkerville re-entering in third position after falling off the top sellers’ list in the March quarter.

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